The Theme of Monkey and Elephant Nursery Ideas

Elephant Nursery Ideas – Decorating your baby’s room is one of the biggest ways most parents prepare for their arrival. Use a topic that you like, as your feelings of satisfaction, will calm your baby. Design the nursery using a theme of the monkey and the elephant if they are your favorite animals or if you fell in love with an article about the baby that has monkeys and elephants.

Elephant Decor for Baby Nursery

Monkeys and elephants are common in some different points that you can do in your baby’s bedroom. A jungle theme typically involves greens and browns with monkeys, elephants, lions, and also the giraffes. A circus or carnival theme might include tigers or lions with bright colors, such as red. Noah’s ark themes or zoo animals can be focused on monkeys and elephant nursery ideas or include other animals as well. If you just want elephants and monkeys, scatter the images of the two creatures around the room using a common color scheme or style to decorate. For example, if you want a blue nursery, use bedding with blue elephants and curtains with blue jumpsuits.

Paint the walls with a soft, neutral color or include a whole mural if you plan to keep the monkey and elephant theme for a few years. Use a cream or yellowish color if you are using blue or pink animals. Draw a large tree that covers the corner of two walls with an elephant – or a family of elephants – under the same side of the tree. Create a blue sky as the background with the clouds, the sun and the grass under your feet. Draw monkeys hanging from the tree in playful interaction with the elephant nursery ideas.

Alternatively, pick a train that goes about the room with cars reserved for monkeys and elephants. Maybe a monkey driver can pull a car that is full of elephants. Use a simple border that represents the animals if you do not want to create an entire mural. Or use wall decals and the stick that allows you to easily remove and update the decoration when the time comes.

Choose a bedding set covered in monkeys and elephant nursery ideas that work with your theme and color scheme. For example, jungle bedding will not complement the blue monkeys and elephants in the curtains. Wear bedding that only has monkeys or only has elephants if you can not find a set that has both the colors and the style that you like. They have custom made crib bedding for your baby if needed. As an alternative, use solid color bedding and dress up the room with accessories of monkeys and elephants.

Set the theme and color scheme with the accessories. Prints of pink monkeys and elephants can hang on the table to change diapers if you do not have a mural painted on the walls. Get your own mobile using only small padded monkeys and elephants. Template images of monkeys and elephants in the box of baby toys and comfortable or use the knobs of the novelty drawers. The line of a free platform with monkeys and packed elephants. Install monkeys and elephant nursery ideas of hooks to hang clothes, hats or other baby items.

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